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Feminino Touro Cavalo
Aniversário : 16/05/1990
Idade : 28
Mensagens : 4
Data de inscrição : 10/06/2011

MensagemAssunto: KARUNIIRU ^.^   Sex Jun 10, 2011 5:28 pm

Hi everyone!! I want to show you a new band: KARUNIIRU

You can download all the songs here: karuniiru - karuniiru | Facebook

Born in 2005 with the name Carnille. The band re-appears in 2009 with new line up, and an entire new philosophy learned during the long crossing in the desert. The change also goes by the name, redrafting the transcription for Japanese of Karuniiru, turning it more international. We wanted finally to show Karuniiru, the reborn of Carnille. Karuniiru plays music with a large influence in Metal and punk-noise-funk-alternative-nu-trash-industrial stuff. For all those that it has been supporting us along this years, cheers and thank you! You deserve it.

KARUNIIRU | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

karuniiru - Wall | Facebook

YouTube - ‪Karuniiru - Armageddon @ rock of cantanhede‬‏
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